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Welcome to the real estate revolution.  Rethink Open House helps real estate agents do the best real estate tours with photos, video, aerials, guided/hosted tours, and a lot more. 

If you’re looking to sell your home, we help sellers/owners, too.  And, we’re going to put more money in your pocket.  A lot more.  Here’s how:

Anyone can sell a house that’s priced right.  We market it right.  Poor marketing results in a lower sales price.  Most sellers trust their agent to do a good job.  The reality is 87% of agents take pictures with their smart phone, post it on the MLS, and expect another agent to sell the house.  This is not the best marketing and it doesn’t put the most money in your pocket.

We market houses the way they should be and buyers fall in love with the house online.  We know this to be true because we do it every day.  Plus, when a buyer loves the house, they’re going to pay more money.  This is a big deal.  It really is.  We’ve done the research.

We not only market your house right (photos, video, aerials, etc.), we will also get you a certified agent that charges less commission.  Imagine paying 3% total commission* , getting the best marketing, and selling it for the highest price.  The result is more money in your pocket.  A lot more.  Do the math.  It’s not too good to be true.  Welcome to Rethink Open House.

Every Rethink Worldwide, LLC Client receives a Guided Tour on Rethink Open House TV ++ PLUS++ all the benefits of listing on the MLS, Zillow®,® , & more.  We know how to market houses, find buyers, and put more money in your pocket.  Do the math.

Call Rethink Open House first before an agent (there is a very good reason for this). 800-585-7995


Are you an owner who already has a house for sale, or listed with an agent?  We may be able to help you.  Tell your agent about Rethink Open House.  Maybe, they’ll have a tour done.  Maybe they won’t.  They may not want to pay for it.  Consider paying for one yourself.  You may not get the lower commission, or every Rethink Open House Tour option, but it’s better than not having a Rethink Open House Tour at all.  Call for more information 800-585-7995.

*Commission is structured as a variable commission.  Homes priced greater than $400,000 typically have a variable commission rate of 3%-4% total commission depending on area/location.  Homes priced less than $400,000 typically have a variable commission rate of 3.5% – 4.5% total commission depending on area/location.  Call for more details. 800-585-7995